Martine Eleuteri


A retired professional athlete that dedicated his life to the sport of basketball and Volleyball. Dwayne is presently our in house Basketball instructor, His passion shows in transferring his knowledge to the youth that he coaches/trains. Having a son that is 14, he is aware of how to guide youth to become quality and productive members of society. A proven leader on and off the floor. Dwayne also spends time giving back to the community through various projects with Puma. One the founders of The Association.

Volleyball popularity is continuing to grow here in Toronto, and Mooredale Volleyball is a great way for kids to get an introduction to sport.  Our program teaches kids the fundamental skills of the sport and gives them the opportunity to apply those skills in a game setting.

By registering for this Mooredale Sport activity, I agree to pay Mooredale for the annual Mooredale Membership Fee by VISA or MasterCard.  For more information on Membership please email Joanna Ingram or call 416-922-3714 ext 103 between 8am and 4pm.  


  • Regular Fee: $400.00

A current Mooredale membership is required to participate in all Mooredale Sports programs.  More information on membership is available here.

Refund Policy 

Please note: unless we are provided with a copy of a medical note (which prevents your child from participating in all sport activities) there will be no refunds past the September 1st (Fall/Winter) Jan 1st (Winter/Spring).

All cancellations and requests prior to the September 1st (Fall/Winter) January 1st (Winter/Spring) deadline for reimbursement are subject to a $50 admin fee.

***Mooredale SC Pro-Rated Price Structure

Our pro-rated price program is offered competitive and advanced level sports, i.e., Rep Development Soccer Program (RDP) Soccer.

We DO NOT offer prorating of fees for our other Sports Programs.

By doing this we look to help bridge the gap between Recreational programs and Development programs while giving players a more structured environment.

Commitment Level

There are no make up dates or consequences for missed sessions. We recognize that there will be absences due to vacations and other commitments however there will be no fee adjustment for any missed time.

Accommodations may be made for Families that have scheduling conflicts during the summer months and or are involved in other sports programs.

For further information please email Martine Eleuteri:

Sessions & Tentative Schedules

We now offer 2 sessions throughout the year.  Below are the tentative dates for each.

Fall/WinterSept 12 – Mid Dec 1613 weeks
Winter/SpringJan 9– Apr 24th14weeks

Note: there are no sessions on the following dates:
December 19 – January 2 (Holiday Break)
March 13 – 17 (March Break)

Sessions are on Mondays. Please see age groups and times below.

Tentative Time Slots & Age Groups

Age GroupTime Slot
U8 (2014 & 2015)6:00-7:00PM
U10 (2011 & 2012)7:00-8:00PM
U12 (2009 & 2010)8:00-9:00PM
U14/16 (2006, 2007/08 &)9:00-10:00PM

Please note: this schedule is subject to change, based on final registration numbers, permits, and facility availability.  Mooredale reserves the right to merge age groupings together in the case where a division is not viable due to registration numbers.

All age groups are coed. 

Required Equipment

  • Athletic shoes (please!)
  • Water bottle labeled with your name (no sports drinks!)
  • Volleyball knee pads are not required, but they are recommended for athletes


We are pleased to announce that our volleyball program will run at the following facilities:

FALL/WINTER: De La Salle College

Winter/Spring De La Salle College

Sample Session Topics

  • Learn the mechanics and motions of under-hand and over-hand serving.
  • Perfecting their serving ability
  • Create an arsenal of different serves including jump floats, jump serves (top spin), drop serves,
  • Hitting positions, types of hits, front/back row attacks, and ball control to develop player Hitting techniques.
  • Games and scrimmages
  • Athletes will learn offensive and defensive concepts and will work to develop effective passing, hitting, setting, and serving techniques. Coaches will use skill drills and games to introduce a pass, set, hit system from offense to defense.
  • Development of Hitting & Setting techniques to help athletes become stronger
  • Understanding of Volleyball fundamentals and proper mechanics
  • Develop effective passing, hitting, setting, and serving techniques

2022/23 *NEW Summer Coed Volleyball-Indoor
Coed Volleyball            

Volleyball program for kids aged 7 to 16. Please note we have limited amount of spots available for each program. It is a first come first serve basis.

What’s Included in Registration? 

Registration fees include:

  • Age groups receive participation awards
  • Professional technical staff fees


Technical Staff

Armed with a player development curriculum, and a desire to pass on their knowledge to the next generation, our technical staff members are on hand during the practices for all age groups.  They run the practices and serve as a resource for our players. Our technical staff members are present and former players, folks who have begun to go through the certification process to coach at the developmental or competitive level. They bring with them a wealth of experience in the sport of volleyball!

Volunteer Coaches

If you’re interested in coaching the volleyball program, please contact us at

Junior Coaches

Designed to get our local volleyball players involved in the coaching aspect of the game, the Jr. Coaches program provides an introduction to coaching.  Aimed at those aged 14-20, the program is an opportunity to earn community hours and gain valuable experience!

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a Jr. Coach, be sure to contact us


The program is designed for those players seeking a challenging level of play and fun environment and opportunity to grow.  The program runs year-round, involving 2 indoor seasons (September – mid December and  (January – end of April).

Club Volleyball  Technical Program

Volleyball Curriculum