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The Mooredale Soccer umbrella has grown significantly in the past few years, introducing a brand new Rep Development Program (RDP) in 2013 on top of our already popular house-league and our competitive teams.  Mooredale is committed to providing a range of opportunities for all players to compete and develop their skills to their maximum potential.  From U4 to Adult, we have something for everyone here at the club.


With an emphasis on fun, skill development, and having a positive experience in the sport, our house-league is perfect for players new to the sport of soccer, or those not looking for a high level of competition.  We have both indoor and outdoor programs available.

 Our Outdoor House-League Soccer is run out of local Rosedale Park. We offer divisions from as young as U4 all the way up to U16, so we have something for everyone! The aim of the program is to provide all players with a positive experience in the sport, a chance to develop their skills, and most importantly a chance to have some fun!

PDF Schedule with all the tentative playing nights & times coming soon! 

By registering for this Mooredale Sport activity, I agree to pay Mooredale for the annual Mooredale Membership Fee by VISA or MasterCard.  For more information on Membership please email Joanna Ingram or call 416-922-3714 ext 103 between 8 am and 4 pm. 

Registration Fees

House League Soccer Registration Form 2022

House League Soccer Schedule 2022

Early Bird Fee: $320 (Ends Jan 12) 

Normal Fee: $350 (Ends March 9)  

Late Fee: $380 (Begins March 10)

Refund Policy


Teammate Request Policy

Mooredale will only allow a like for like teammate request.  If requested at the time of registration, Mooredale will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player. Only one request will be accepted and will be considered only if both players request each other.

Such a teammate request must be made in writing, in an email to the sports manager (, and will not be accepted over the phone.

Requests may not be granted for competitive players playing in the house-league.

Typical Week in Mooredale House-League Soccer 

U4 – U5

Players will have one hour-long session on Friday evening or Saturday morning, run by Mooredale Technical Staff.  Half the session is dedicated to small-sided games designed to introduce key physical literacy skills, as well as basic soccer skills.  For the remaining time, players will be split into teams and play 3v3 games.

U6 – U14

Players will have one practice session on a weeknight, and an hour-long game on the weekend.  Mooredale Technical Staff are available to run the practices alongside the volunteer coaches.  Volunteer coaches are responsible for managing substitutions, etc. on game day.  Referees/Game Leaders are provided for games by Mooredale.

Important Dates

Our Spring/Summer season runs from May 24 – Jun 26

 We continue again for Fall Weekend Games Sep 9 – Oct 2 

No Soccer On The Following Dates 

 Summer Break June 26 – Sept 2, Labour Day Weekend Sept 3-5.

What’s Included in Registration? 

Registration fees include:

  • U4 – U12 age groups receive participation awards
  • Referee & technical staff fees


Technical Staff

Armed with a player development curriculum, and a desire to pass on their knowledge to the next generation, our technical staff members are on hand during the practices for all age groups.  They run the practices, and serve as a resource for our volunteer coaches.  Our technical staff members are former players, folks who have begun to go through the certification process to coach at the developmental or competitive level, and some who also coach in RDP.  They bring with them a wealth of experience in the sport of soccer!

Volunteer Coaches

Our volunteer coaches are a key part of our house-league soccer program, and we are always looking for more individuals to help us out.  If you’re interested in coaching in the league this year, make sure to select the option when registering, or contact us at

Junior Coaches

Returning again this year is our Jr. Coaches program.  Designed to get our local soccer players involved in the coaching aspect of the game, the Jr. Coaches program provides an introduction to coaching.  Aimed at those aged 14-20, the program is an opportunity to earn community hours and gain valuable experience!

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a Jr. Coach, be sure to contact us at

Rep Development Program (RDP)

Offering advanced skill development, Mooredale’s Rep Development Program is for those players in the U8 – U14 age groups wishing to play at a higher level than house-league.  The program operates year-round, with sessions in both the indoor (Oct – April) and an outdoor (May – September) seasons.  The RDP umbrella encompasses both the rep (full commitment) and select (July/August off) teams for these age groups.

The Rep Development Program (RDP) is Mooredale’s developmental soccer program.  RDP was launched in the summer of 2013, to provide a structured approach to skill development and competitive soccer here at the club.  The program was created with the standards and guidelines of the Long-Term Player Development model passed down to clubs by Sport Canada, Canada Soccer, and Ontario Soccer.

RDP has enjoyed success in the years since its inception, and has grown to include the U8 – U17 age groups, with both select (festival/tournament play only) and rep (league play and tournaments) teams for both boys and girls.


RegionalCSL – ’05 Girls, ’03 Boys
DistrictTDYSL – ’04 Girls, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
AcademyYDSL –  ’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys
Select (Tournament Teams)’03 Boys, ’03 Girls, ’04 Girls, ’04 Boys, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
Select (Festival Teams)’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys, ’13/14 Boys, ’13 Girls

Multijurisdictional Est Ontario Soccer League Senior Mens

DistrictTDYSL – ’04 Girls, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
AcademyYDSL –  ’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys
Select (Tournament Teams)’03 Boys, ’03 Girls, ’04 Girls, ’04 Boys, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
Select (Festival Teams)’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys, ’13/14 Boys, ’13 Girls


The program is designed for those players seeking a more challenging level of play than house-league, and as such includes more training and commitment than recreational soccer.  The program runs year-round, involving both an indoor season (October – April) and an outdoor season (May – September).

RDP is a year-round program, but we understand that participating in other activities and sports is an important part of growing up.  During the indoor season, players and families can opt into a commitment level that works for them – e.g. 1 day of training per week only, or 2 days of training per week.  During the outdoor season, players commit to 2 days of training per week in addition to games (league or festival/tournament), but there is some flexibility for those players who may be away for large parts of July & August, or who know they will be missing a significant number of the practices (select program).

The outdoor season includes 2 training sessions per week and games (either league or tournament/festival).


All our technical staff coaches have completed, at minimum, the Learn to Train or Soccer for Life coaching courses offered by Ontario Soccer, in addition Making Ethical Decisions, and Respect in Soccer.  Many of them have begun to pursue higher certifications, including the C-License offered by Ontario Soccer, USSF licenses (American), and UEFA licenses (European).  Mooredale provides our coaches with opportunities to attend clinics and conference in order to further their coaching education.

For bios on our coaching staff, please check out our Technical Staff page here.

Joining RDP

Every fall (mid-to-late September), Mooredale runs an evaluation period where all players are welcome to register and attend some sessions to see if RDP would be a good fit for them.  If your child is interesting in trying out the program, please contact the Sam Medeiros ( for more details.

If your child is interested in trying out RDP, but they have missed the fall evaluation period, please contact Sam Medeiros (, as we may be able to set up a trial period for them.


Looking for some more information of how RDP runs?  Please feel free to contact Sam Medeiros at and we would be happy to chat about the program with you.

Rep & Select Teams – Under 21

For players born in our older age groups looking for a more competitive level of play than house-league, we have rep and select (May, June, and September only) options available.

For players under 21 who are looking for a more competitive level of play than house-league, Mooredale offers Rep and Select teams.

Rep teams typically train year-round (i.e. indoor and outdoor), and participate in district, regional, or provincial leagues, as well as attend tournaments (local and/or U.S. based).

Select teams train and participate in local tournaments only (e.g. no leagues), usually only in the May, June, and September months.

For more information on the rep and/or select teams for under 21 – please email Sam Medeiros


RegionalCSL – ’05 Girls, ’03 Boys
DistrictTDYSL – ’04 Girls, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
AcademyYDSL –  ’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys
Select (Tournament Teams)’03 Boys, ’03 Girls, ’04 Girls, ’04 Boys, ’05/06 Boys, ’05 Girls, ’06 Girls, ’07/08 Boys, ’07/08 Girls
Select (Festival Teams)’09 Boys, ’09/10 Girls, ’10/11 Boys, ’11/12 Girls, ’12 Boys, ’13/14 Boys, ’13 Girls

Player Pathway

Curious about the kind of path a Mooredale soccer player might follow in our club?  Not sure what other programs we offer?