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Preschool Programs


Creative Movement & Ballet with Harmony School of Dance – Wednesdays

We are very excited to Welcome back Ms. Charissa Wilson and the Harmony School of Dance. She graduated from the National Ballet School and has been instructing since 2004, where her connection to the Mooredale community was made. She started her own company – Harmony School of Dance in 2011, and has been growing a following ever since. Her passion dance, early childhood education and live pianist make her classes unique and the perfect fit for our

Creative Movement :
Enhances listening skills, team work, and the joy of dance and music
• A focus on large muscle and fine motor development improving posture and coordination
• Supports cognitive function by integrating song lyrics with coordinated action of movement, enhancing language development
• Promotes listening skills and creative thinking through the use of imagination and pretending in an enjoyable environment
• Ballet positions, technique, musical rhythm and artistic quality are introduced and built upon
• Imaginative visualization is taught and encouraged to help children learn and retain ballet technique and coordination
• Increases physical strength, poise, and grace, fostering positive self esteem
• All classes accompanied by live piano music!

KarateMondays (Preschool 3:15 – 4:00pm)

James Greer from the Cold Mountain School will continue his instruction
of Karate at Mooredale. Trained as a Second degree black belt, James designs and teaches Karate programs specifically for children. Participants will progress through traditional Okinawan Karate. All students are required to purchase a karate gi (uniform), which is available through the instructor. NOTE: testing will occur throughout the year but does not always result in the achievement of a new belt level.

Sportball Multi-Sport (Thursdays 3:15 4:15pm)

This program will guide you and your toddler through the introductory skills of the 7 Sportball sports. Experienced Sportball instructors will lead each 45min session. There will be no breaks,but parents should feel free to give their child a drink of water or take them to the washroom if needed.

Kinder Gym – Tuesdays 3:30 – 4:15pm

In our Kinder Gym program, children aged 3 to 5will embark on a journey of discovery and play that promotes motor skill development, balance, and social interaction. Through a variety of activities such as obstacle courses, soft apparatus play, and imaginative games, children will have the opportunity to explore their physical abilities while building self-confidence. Our experienced instructors create a nurturing atmosphere, ensuring that each child learns at their own pace, developing a strong foundation for physical fitness.

Children’s Yoga with Rainbow Rhythm Kids – Wednesdays

Join our fun and energetic Kids Yoga classes! Designed for children,our classes incorporate playful yoga poses, mindfulness exercises,and relaxation techniques in a safe and supportive environment. Kids will enhance flexibility, balance, and self-awareness while having a great time. It’s a healthy, happy way to let your child explore the world of yoga!

Preschool Soccer with Mooredale SC – Fridays

Preschoolers will develop their physical literacy and love for the beautiful game. This program is instructed by Mooredale SC coaches, who will lead preschoolers through the fundamentals of soccer. Each class begins with a warm-up, then focuses on teaching the rules and skills of the game through various drills and games and finishes with a scrimmage.


Magic Languages: Spanish Music Class – Thursday

Our music program for babies and toddlers (6 months to 5 years) is offered to promote language learning in a fun environment. Children are exposed to the new language through traditional and vocabulary building songs, dance, and props, such as puppets, instruments, lullabies and more. Through the songs we will work on learning words related to colours, weather and nature, animals parts of the face and body, days of the week, fruits and vegetables, and salutations. 3-5 years.

French Language/ Tutoring with Mlle. Juliana Giallonardo – Mondays to Fridays (varying time slots available)

Mlle. Juliana Giallonardo is Mooredales French Specialist. She is so excited to share her love of the French language through private one to one lessons, or small group. Mlle. Juliana will tailor her teaching to each individual student and engage them through French literacy, songs, stories, art and poems. 2 years +

French Early Learning with Mlle. Juliana Giallonardo – Tuesday – Thursdays 3-5 years

Bonjour et bienvenue a notre petite monde francais! Mlle. Juliana Giallonardo is back at Mooredale and is so excited to share her love of the French language! French Early Learning is an introduction to the French language and culture as well as a complement to FSL. Through effective materials, music, books and stories, students will begin to understand key words, phrases and expressions, vocalize a variety of words in French! The goal of French Early Learning is to create a French speaking learning environment where students begin to express their thoughts and ideas in French in a fun and interactive setting.

Bake Club – Mondays + Tuesdays

Pastry Chef, Rita Giallonardo (Windsor Arms Hotel, featured in HELLO! Magazine and mom to Mooredale’s Mlle. Juliana. Rita is excited to share her passion for pastry with the Rosedale Moore-Park community. Students will take part in creating delicious, home-style treats paired with a secret list of ingredients, which will allow students to continue to recreate and perfect these recipes. Students will learn several fundamental skills such as: measuring, pouring, stirring, spreading, following a recipe, etc. Chef Rita will experiment with vegan, gluten-free, no-bake and traditional home-style baking recipes, all in one bowl! There will be no sharing of equipment or ingredients and each child will get to take home a treat. Classes may also be booked on a private basis. 3-7 years.

Mini Explorers with Rainbow Rhythm Kids – Wednesdays

Does your inquisitive child have a passion for nature?
Rainbow Rhythm Kids is a nature-based program that awakens and fosters children’s curiosity and compassion for the natural world.This multidisciplinary program includes a combination of hands on experiences with animals, animal artifacts, natural materials,imaginative and artistic experiences and land based play.

Lego Architech – Tuesdays

Our Lego ArchiTECH Program is our intro robotics program for children 4-8.
Students work with the We-Do Lego kits and learn how to:

  • Gain intuition on how to build basic simple structures
  • Learn the basics behind programming motors
  • Learn to principles behind ultrasonic sensors
  • Building and understanding robot design with advanced mechanics
  • Develop advanced skills with We Do programming

Students learn different projects like building cars, helicopters and more, and early programming skills. Students program using easy to use tablets on the Lego We-Do software. It’s a perfect start to the more complex programming in Lego Robotics.

Dot Dot Dot – Thursdays

Unleash your child’s creativity and imagination in DOT DOT DOT our new childrens’ art program! Our engaging classes focus on introducing young artists to various artistic styles and techniques while encouraging self-expression and skill development. Taught by Michelle B, who runs Mooredale in-house preschool art program called behind the lines.
Discover Famous Artists: We’ll explore the world of renowned artists and their unique styles,from Van Gogh’s vibrant colours to Picasso’s abstract forms. Through stories and visual presentations, kids will learn about these artistic masters.
Hands-On Projects: Each class is a journey into a new artistic technique or style. Kids will create
art projects inspired by the works of famous artists, using techniques such as impressionism, cubism, pointillism, and more.
Encourage Creativity: We foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children can express themselves through art. They’ll be encouraged to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them, nurturing their creativity.
Skill Development: While having fun, children will enhance their fine motor skills, colour theory understanding, and composition abilities as they create a wide variety of art projects.

Cooking Up a Story – February 10 and March 1

February 10 – Thomas Snowsuit
March 1- If you give a mouse a cookie
This new preschool workshop will explore a fun book each session. The class begins with a dynamic reading of our chosen book, followed by get messy and creating a craft or art related item, then we
finish the class by creating a yummy food related item.

Afterschool Adventure Club – Mondays-Fridays

Everyday after school we have fun in adventure club! Games and crafts, sports and snack. Lead by High 5 certified staff, who encourage friendships,creativity and growth. This also serves as an aftercare for the Mooredale Preschool. Students from RPS (free pick-up service available), Local elementary students from other schools are welcome to join as well!