Pool Club Fees

Fees for the next pool season.

Pool Manager

Jarrett Hui

Pool Club Fees

We are introducing new pool club season options and fees for the 2023 season (opens May 27th till Sep 4th).

Please see the charts below which now include a single-parent option.

 Fees for Returning Pool Members 2023

Full SeasonMay & June OnlyJuly to Sept.
Early BirdRegularEarly BirdRegularEarly BirdRegular
Family – 2 Parents + Children$570.50$676.59$238.70$291.75$450.88$556.97
Family – 1 Parent + Children$429.66$535.75$185.66$238.70$344.79$450.88
Additional Adult$292.02$376.89$132.61$175.66$238.70$282.78
Single Adult$292.02$376.89$132.61$175.66$238.70$282.78
Senior (65+)$221.46$285.11$111.39$141.85$196.27$223.33

Fees for New Pool Members 2023:

Initiation FeeFull Season (Initiation not included)May & June Only
(initiation not included)
July to Sept.
(Initiation not included)
Family – 2 Parent$250.00$551.67 $197$403
Family – 1 Parent$190.00$413.75$147.75$316
Additional Member$0.00$286.44$127.30$209.14
Single Adult$125.00$286.44$127.30$209.14
Senior (65+)$75.00$233.40$113.35$180.05