Mooredale Pool Club

Mooredale's outdoor pool offers a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the bustle of city life.

Pool Manager

Jarrett Hui

Pool Club

Mooredale’s outdoor pool offers a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the bustle of city life. Our lovely “oasis in the heart of Rosedale” has always been a delight for returning and new Pool Club members of all ages. 

Location: 146 Crescent Road. Pool entrance is located behind the Mooredale playground (North end of the parking lot). 

Parking: Parking is available for Pool Members only during their pool visit. Please note that the parking lot is shared with Members in other Mooredale programs (e.g., Summer Camp, Orchestra, etc.). 

Pool Temperature: 80°- 82°F. An automatic heater regulates the pool temperature throughout the season. 

Water Treatment: Mooredale Pool is a chlorinated pool. 

Pool Dimensions: 25 meters in length and 15 meters in width. 

Shallow End Depth: 1 metre. 

Deep End Depth: 3.4 metres. 

Swimmers requiring flotation devices (e.g., lifejackets) must stay within arm’s reach of an adult in the water. At the discretion of the guard on duty, this rule may also apply to swimmers under 1.7 metres tall.  

The Deep End Test consists of swimming two continuous widths of the pool with your face in the water, followed by a transition to 60 seconds of treading water with your whole head above the water surface throughout. Swimmers must demonstrate endurance and comfort in the water to pass the test. 

Pool Club 2024 – Registration will open for both Pool renewals and New Pool Club Members on Monday December 11th. This season we are hoping to run from May 25th till September 2nd 2024.

*** Please remember every pool club member must be a current Mooredale Member! Visit here for membership details***

Our heated outdoor pool provides a safe and family oriented environment for all Pool club members.  The pool schedule offers a wide range of family friendly options:

  1. Recreational general swimming for members.
  2. Adult lane swimming designated times
  3. Open from 6:30am to 9:00pm weekdays
  4. Open from 9:00am to 9:00pm weekends and holidays
  5. Lifesaving Society Preschool and Swim Kids instruction Group, Private and Semi-Private Lessons*
  6. Lifesaving Society’s Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross instruction through Group, Private and Semi-Private lessons*

* Additional fees apply.

Here is the comparison chart from Red Cross to Lifesaving Society’s Swim levels:

All lessons are taught by certified instructors and are challenging, safe and age-appropriate! 

To see the changes we have made to the 2024 pool fees please click here.

For more information about becoming a Pool Club member and for questions about the 2024 season, please contact: 

   Tel:    416-922-3714 ext 102 to speak to Catherine Loeffler