Mooredale House

146 Crescent Rd., Toronto, Ontario M4W 1V2

Mission Statement

Mooredale is an established non-profit organization that welcomes people of all ages to experience a wide range of educational, recreational, social and cultural activities.  Supported by families and volunteers, we build on a rich history of providing programs and services to the community while embracing fresh ideas for the future. 

The Roots of the Association

As early as 1933, records show the Moore Park neighbourhoods had adopted a constitution to support a local community association, including a community centre. Providing close-to-home social, recreational and extra-curricular activities for the local children was the impetus behind a community centre. And this was considered forward-thinking, as community centres weren’t an integral part of North American society until the post-war years.  Moore Park, North Rosedale and South Rosedale were distinctly separate residents’ groups prior to 1939, but community-mindedness prevailed when the residents agreed to work together, creating the Rosedale-Moore Park Community Council in 1946.  

With those aged 18 to 30 now, returning from war service the stark realization that no groups or organized activities existed for young people planted a seed. And that seed grew into the Teen and Twenty Club – or the TNT Club, a roaring success!

In 1948, a drive for funds was launched by the council and the TNT Club to build a community centre and find an activity manager.  Meetings were held with the City of Toronto, and the search began.  One of the earliest suggestions was to convert Chorley Park, the Lieutenant-Governor’s once-official residence, which was doomed for destruction as early as the 1930s. However during the Second World War and up until 1953 it was used as a military hospital. But that idea was axed owing to the very size of Chorley Park. And fundraising efforts, although generous, fell short of the sum required to begin building.

About the same time, construction was proceeding on the Mount Pleasant extension (earlier known as the Clifton Road extension), and the city acquired the property at 146 Crescent Road, a portion of which was needed for the new road. The house remained intact, with the exception of a porte-cochère (carriage porch) that was on the west side.  Though now “a project”, the building known to generations as MOOREDALE HOUSE had much to recommend it as the future home of the TNT Club and the community council for their activities.

Mooredale Today

Today the RMPA and Mooredale House is home to the city’s longest running neighbourhood fair, Mayfair (since 1946), a fully licensed preschool (since 1952), summer and March Break camps (since 1968), Mooredale Concerts (since 1986), the Mooredale Swimming Pool Club (since 1972), the Mooredale Soccer Club (since 1976), and a host of other popular recreational programs and community events for participants of all ages. Mooredale is also proud to have been affiliated with Mooredale Sailing Club and Rosedale Tennis Club.