Mayfair Contact - Office Liaison

Joanna Ingram

Track and Field

The Track and Field competition offers a wide range of races and prizes for ages 1 to 13. It’s only a morning event, so plan ahead if you have a junior athlete at home. (Pro tip: the little kids’ races are super fun and heartwarming to watch!)  See the full Track and Field schedule below

Other notable events…

FREE Bike Valet Parking!
The whole family can bike to Mayfair! We’ll have free valet parking for bicycles and strollers both Friday and Saturday. Our secure bike enclosure will be staffed by volunteers from Cycle Toronto, at the south-east end of the park, near Scholfield Avenue. Drop off your bikes and have a fun time at Mayfair!


 1 yr 9:50  15m  (1 years)
 2 yrs 9:53 15m (2 years)
 3 yrs 9:56  20m (3 years)
 4 yrs  9:59  20m (4 years)
 5 yrs 10:02 30m (5 years)
 6 yrs 10:05 30m (6 years)
 7 yrs  10:08 40m (7 years)
 8 yrs  10:11 40m (8 years)
 9 yrs 10:14 50m (9 years)
 10 yrs  10:17 50m>10 years
Family Relay 
10:254x40m 2 adults + 2 kids 
Piggy Back Race     
  10:30 30m   Adult + Child (1 – 5 years)
  10:33 30m  Adult + Child (6+ years)
Sack Race    
 6 yrs 10:38 30m(6 years)
 7 yrs  10:41 40m(7 years)
 8 yrs 10:44 40m (8 years)
 9 yrs 10:47 50m(9 years)
 10 yrs  10:50 50m(>10 years)
 3-Legged Race    
  10:55 30m  (6 – 8 years)
  11:00 30m (>9 years)
**Scoring table not necessary**

Standing Long Jump:  11:20 am
Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors will compete together unless there are large numbers.  Individual awards for each age group.  N/A for 1 – 5 year olds.

Award Presentations:  Presentation of trophies to follow completion of final event at approximately 12:00 pm.

There are separate events for boys and girls. Except where specified, events are by age group.  Ages are as of May 11, 2022. 

Ribbons will be given out after each event to children finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Points will be awarded towards the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Trophies (boys and girls): 5 for 1st; 3 for 2nd; 2 for 3rd; 1 for 4th.