Mayfair Contact - Office Liaison

Joanna Ingram


The Mayfair Thrift is coming back! Last year we sold $9,000 for Mooredale, and this year we’re going for $10,000.
And we need your help. The Thrift relies on donated clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children (along with old stuffed animals), which are sold at the Thrift Tent during Mayfair.

The four benefits of donating:

The thrifting at Mayfair is a fun activity for many teens and adults.
It’s environmentally friendly.
Mooredale House makes money!
New Circles GLOW gets (almost) everything we don’t sell.

Ready to donate?

Please leave clean, salable items on the front porch of 12 Harper Ave in Moore Park. Donations can be left at anytime, and will be accepted until May 8th.

Want some more specifics about what we’d love?

  • Your preloved handbags and shoes (yes, a pair of Golden Goose found a new home at the Thrift)
  • The jewellery, sunglasses, scarves and hats you’ve retired
  • The Vince sweater that took up residence in your closet 10 years ago
  • That super-styling jacket you loved 25 years ago
  • Your grandfather’s awesome argyle sweaters
  • Your dad’s old band T-shirts
  • Your mother’s vintage treasures
  • Your kids & teenager’s nicest, outgrown pieces
  • Your kids’ previously-loved stuffed animal collections (If you are able to machine wash and dry them first, please leave a note in the bag. Otherwise, I will do it.)

Again, please ensure everything is clean, in good repair, and suitable for sale.

Have any questions?

Please email Sarah Balzer

Thank you very much for your support — donating and shopping!