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Children’s Programs 6+

All of these programs are for Children 6 +


Karate with James Greer – Mondays & Thursdays

James Greer from the Cold Mountain School will continue his instruction of Karate at Mooredale. Trained as a Second degree black belt, James designs and teaches Karate programs specifically for children. Participants will progress through traditional Okinawan Karate. All students are required to purchase a karate gi (uniform), which is available through the instructor. NOTE: testing will occur throughout the year but does not always result in the achievement of a new belt level.

Creative Movement with Harmony School of Dance – Wednesdays (Creative Movement & Ballet, Pre-Rad Primary)

We are very excited to Welcome back Ms. Charissa Wilson and the Harmony School of Dance. She graduated from the National Ballet School and has been instructing since 2004, where her connection to the Mooredale community was made. She started her own company – Harmony School of Dance in 2011, and has been growing a following ever since. Her passion dance, early childhood education and live pianist make her classes unique and the perfect fit for our pre-school to school age members.

Enhances listening skills, team work, and the joy of dance and music
• A focus on large muscle and fine motor development improving posture and coordination
• Supports cognitive function by integrating song lyrics with coordinated action of movement, enhancing language development
• Promotes listening skills and creative thinking through the use of imagination and pretending in an enjoyable environment
• Ballet positions, technique, musical rhythm and artistic quality are introduced and built upon
• Imaginative visualization is taught and encouraged to help children learn and retain ballet technique and coordination
• Increases physical strength, poise, and grace, fostering positive self esteem
• All classes accompanied by live piano music!

Nature Explorers – Mondays

Does your inquisitive child have a passion for nature? Are they often exploring and asking “why”? Rainbow Rhythm Kids is a nature-based education, movement and art program that awakens and fosters
children’s curiosity and compassion for the natural world. This multidisciplinary program includes a combination of hands on experiences with animals and animal artifacts, natural materials, stories,
imaginative play, yoga, creative movement and artistic experiences. Your children will have the opportunity to learn about a new animal or aspect of nature in every class. Children will bring home small art projects and scavenger hunt lists to encourage your time in nature together.
Sarah Hawthorn is a mother, an R.E.C.E with a BA in Early Childhood Education and nature enthusiast. 4-8 years.


Bake ClubTuesdays or Virtually

Pastry Chef, Rita Giallonardo (Windsor Arms Hotel, featured in HELLO! Magazine and mom to Mooredale’s Mlle. Juliana. Rita is excited to share her passion for pastry with the Rosedale Moore-Park community. Students will take part in creating delicious, home-style treats paired with a secret list of ingredients, which will allow students to continue to recreate and perfect these recipes. Students will learn several fundamental skills such as: measuring, pouring, stirring, spreading, following a recipe, etc. Chef Rita will experiment with vegan, gluten-free, no-bake and traditional home-style baking recipes, all in one bowl! There will be no sharing of equipment or ingredients and each child will get to take home a treat. Classes may also be booked on a private basis. 6 – 12 years.

Code Breakers – Thursdays

Code Breakers teaches students of all ages the fundamentals of coding. Students use a free online platform called Scratch, developed by the MIT Media Lab. Students build classic games and design movie scenes. Within the class, students learn the basic building blocks, proofreading their code and are trained to find problems within their own codes or designs and fix them with minimal outside support. Finally, Code Breakers helps students foster critical and analytical thinking through fun and engaging problem solving challenges. 7-12 years

3-D Printing: Accessing the 3rd Design – Thursdays

Our 3-D Design after-school program gives students knowledge about 3D design, 3D printers and how to design and print a 3D object. Students use Tinkercad, an exciting easy-to-use online 3D printing program that can be assessed from home at anytime. Students create fun projects and can choose one to print to bring home. The perfect introduction to one of the most exciting new technologies of the future.

Chess Club – Wednesday

Chess Institute of Canada is the only licensed Chess Curriculum in Canada, it challenges it participants to think differently, solve problems and to have fun learning the game of Chess. CIC has been a part of the
pre-school for a few years, so now we are offering this program to our school age and adult community members through a weekly Chess Club. 6-12 years

Spanish with Magic Languages

The Magic-Languages Spanish program is designed for students who want to learn Spanish in a fun way, absorbing the artistic, charming and lively culture that comes with the language. Our themes come to
life through fun activities such as art and crafts, games, puppet shows, story time, etc. Through these activities, our teachers communicate with the students in the new language in an engaging way so they become capable of under-standing and repeating new vocabulary. Our method is designed to make your children feel the need to communicate and interact with the teacher and their peers in their new language. Join us in person, or inquire about Magic languages online classes.

French with Mlle. Juliana GiallonardoMonday – Friday ( varying time slots available)

Mlle. Juliana Giallonardo so excited to share her love of the French language through private one to one lessons. For young children all the way to adults, Mlle. Juliana will tailor her teaching to each individual student whether she is helping with homework, prepping for exams, or just strengthening a French language competency

Tutoring with Teachers On Call – (open availability)

Teachers on Call provides personalized 1-on-1 tutoring by professional OCT Teachers in all subjects and grades for elementary and high-school students from K to 12. Online learning and enrichment is offered for Reading, Writing & Numeracy skills, Math, Science, English and more. Sessions are customized to level of student and start with convenient 30-minute slots to capture the attention of young minds. To ensure the best match, there is a thorough orientation call to select a tutor who is the right fit for your child.
The team of tutors at Teachers on Call are professional teachers who are highly qualified in their subject areas and are current with the Ontario Curriculum and Ministry guidelines. With a relationship-based approach to tutoring, the same subject tutor will work with your child on a consistent
basis. Teachers on Call has gained a reputation for quality, personalized service, and unparalleled results, winning the Consumer Choice Award for tutoring in Toronto for the past 5 years in a row.