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Learn to Skate

Mooredale is pleased to welcome back Performance Skating for the Winter 2018-2019 Learn to Skate Season at Rosedale Park.  Performance Skating has been offering professional skating instruction, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a first rate skating program at Mooredale Park since 2010.

A PDF of the 2018/2019 Learn to Skate Registration Form can be found here, as well as an information form about the Learn to Skate program.

Please have a look at the information and if you require additional information please contact Catherine Loeffler in our office at cloeffler@mooredale.on.ca or 416-922-3714 x 102.

Dates:  Wednesdays and Thursdays starting December 5th and 6th
Times:  45 minute lessons start at 4 pm or 4:45 pm
Duration: 9 weeks (weather permitting)
Price:  $195
Location: The outdoor rink at Rosedale Park (20 Scholfield Ave)

All skaters are required to wear properly fitted and sharpened ice skates and CSA approved hockey helmets, and participants under 18 also require a face guard and chin strap. Participants will not be allowed on the ice without these two pieces of equipment.

It is also recommended that participants use leather skates that lace up as they provide better support.

Learn to Skate and Basic Hockey Instructions with Coach PJ Buys

PJ is a former professional hockey player who has been coaching and teaching advanced hockey teams at the triple AAA and Junior A level for several years. As a skilled and experienced hockey player and coach, PJ will cover all the fundamentals to improve your skating skills, including

– Proper Skating Position and Posture

– Basic Balance and Strides

– Cutting and Leaning on your Edges

– Power Strides

– Backwards Skating

– Shuffling

– Much More

Program Information:

  1. All participants are awarded personalized reports and ribbons at the end of the session.  If your child is attending the lessons regularly a visible improvement in their skating skills will occur throughout the session.
  2. Class ratios are between 5:1 and 9:1, depending on skating ability
  3. Tips for how to determine proper skate sizes and the type of gear best suited for skating lessons can be found here
  4. To maximize your child’s learning, it is recommended that they skate 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes outside of the regular lesson time
  5. Parents/caregivers are not permitted on the ice (and are asked not to interact with their child during the instruction time, this is distracting for the child, the instructor and the other children in the group).  However, a caregiver must remain on site during the lesson.
  6. Any questions can be directed to your child’s instructor, or the Head Instructor, at the end of the session.

Class Description

Please note:  Due to insurance and safety concerns, All skaters are required to wear a CSA approved helmet, and all skaters under 18 must have a face mask/face guard and chin strap while on the ice.

Beginner Levels (ages 3 and up): 
 This program is designed for children who skate with assistance or can not getup after falling.  Whether children are skating for the first time, have minimal experience, or just wish to advance their current skating skills, this program is a fun and exciting opportunity.  The participants will begin with basic skills and  advance as much as possible.  Games and toys will be used to motivate skaters.  The classes are instructed by experienced and caring instructors.   For the first few weeks, children may not skate for the whole 45 minutes, time on ice will be determined based on skill development at the discretion of the head instructor.  The minimum class time is 25 minutes.  Children in these classes should be comfortable doing activities without their parent/caregiver.

Intermediate Levels (all ages):  To take part in this program skaters must be able to stop and skate backwards, with little or no difficulty.  Skills taught are designed to challenge skaters who may be interested in hockey, figure skating or in improving as a recreational skater.  Skaters who aspire to more advanced levels will find this program challenging and stimulating.

Basic Hockey Skills:  Skaters who wish to start learning the skills associated with hockey can bring along their sticks and learn to pass and shoot.  Basic skills of the game (passing and shooting) will be taught along regular skating instruction.

Adult Skating Levels (18 and older):  No previous skating experience is necessary to enroll in this program. A CSA approved Hockey helmet is required.