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James Greer from the Cold Mountain School is in his 18th year of instruction of Karate at Mooredale.  Trained as a Second Degree black belt, James designs and teaches Karate programs specifically for children.  Participants will progress through traditional Okinawan Karate.

The karate program has been designed to give your child the tools to optimally learn and grow as they develop as people.  The system used has been developed specifically for children and utilizes my unique “FIVE FINGER” approach:

1. Self – Discipline

2. Self – Control

3. Team Work

4. Leadership

5. Self – Confidence

Through the use of Karate skills instruction, games, philosophy, and meditation the children develop both physically and mentally. The system you and your child have chosen to study is the traditional Okanawian art of Pwang Gia Noon, more commonly known as UECHI RYU KARATE DO.

This system works on improving and developing a person’s focus and awareness, the ability to defend themselves physically and increasing performance in school and sports. 


All students are required to purchase a karate gi (uniform), which is available through the instructor after the first lesson.  Thea approximate cost is $45.  First time participants can dress in a t-shirt and comfortable jogging pants or athletic shorts.


Testing will occur through the year but does not always result in the achievement of a new belt level, however achievement and development will often be recognized with belt stripes.


Karate Parent & Child – Beginner   3 to 5 years old

Karate Junior – White Belts;  5 to 9 years old

Karate Intermediate – White Belts and Three Stripes; 7+ years

Karate Advanced – Colour Belts;  7+ years

Adult Karate  Ages 18+

Karate Program       

Students will learn the following in each level

White belt:
-introduction to the system, etiquette, and the history of Uechi Ryu
-philosophy by stories
-basic movements of strikes and blocks

Yellow belt:
-first kata
-how to fall
-partner work

Colour belts
-weapons defense
-introduction to self-defense