Mooredale House

146 Crescent Rd., Toronto, Ontario M4W 1V2


Board Structure

Members of the Executive Committee

Rest Board Members

  • Preschool Director – must have a child enrolled to be qualified to serve
  • Summer Camp/House Programs Director
  • Swimming Club Director
  • Mayfair Director
  • Orchestras/Concerts Director
  • Sports Club Director

Qualities and Experience

  • a passion for your community and your experience with Mooredale
  • ideas for engaging people in extra-curricular activities/services
  • wanting to give back and/or pay it forward
  • professional and/or organizational experience is an asset, not a requirement

Any Mooredale member may apply to become a member of the Board during its annual nomination period (September/October) or be involved in ad-hoc committees of the Board at any time throughout the year. Annually, Board members will receive information on operation policies and procedures of Mooredale as well as their responsibilities for governance and representing the best interests of the organization on behalf of its members/shareholders. Contact, or call 416-922-3714 x103 to speak to Joanna directly. We’re happy to answer your questions, no commitments are required 😊