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Mooredale Softball runs in May & June at local Rosedale Park Jr. P.S. diamond.  The program is recreational in nature, emphasizing learning the fundamental skills and having fun.  The season runs for 6 weeks in total, starting mid-May.

By registering for this Mooredale Sport activity, I agree to pay Mooredale for the annual Mooredale Membership Fee by VISA or MasterCard.  For more information contact Membership Registrar, Catherine Loeffler at cloeffler@mooredale.on.ca or call 416-922-3714 ext 102 between 9am and 5pm.  

Typical Week in Mooredale Softball

Players will a session during the week in the evenings.  Sessions will be run by our Softball technical staff, who will instruct players on the fundamental skills (e.g. fielding, batting, throwing).

What's Included in Registration?

  • Team jersey
  • Team photo & individual photo
  • Technical staff fees
  • Facility fees

Tentative Playing Nights/Times

Each age division will have 1 session during the week.

The season will begin the week of May 20, and conclude the week of June 24. Note: there will be no sessions on May 20 (Victoria Day). 

Novice (2010/2011/2012)



5:30 –7:30PM


Players are welcome to attend any/all of the above sessions. 

Junior (2008/2009)





Players are welcome to attend any/all of the above sessions. 

Intermediate (2005/2006/2007)





 Players are welcome to attend any/all of the above sessions. 

*Note: this schedule is tentative and subject to change based on final registration numbers, permits, and facility availability.  Mooredale reserves the right to merge age groupings together in the case where a division is not viable due to registration numbers. 


Technical Staff / Umpires

Our Softball Technical staff members have a great deal of experience in coaching/playing baseball and softball.  They will be responsible for running the practice sessions and serve as umpires during the games.

If you require additional information, please contact us via e-mail sports@mooredale.on.ca 

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Registration for the
2020 SPRING season is



Early-bird (starting January 9)

Regular (starting February 15)

Late (starting April 1)

Please note: a current Mooredale membership is required to participate in all Mooredale Sports programs.  More information on membership is available here.

Refund Policy

All cancellations and requests for reimbursement are subject to a $50 admin fee. All requests must be made prior to May 1st in writing, with a reason for the cancellation.

Required Equipment

  • Glove
  • Bat (optional)
  • Batting helmet (optional)
  • Mooredale provides bats and batting helmets, but if players wish to use their own, they are welcome to (please make sure they are labelled with your child's name!)

Teammate Request Policy 

Mooredale will allow only a like for like teammate request. If requested at the time of registration, Mooredale will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player. Only one request will be accepted and will be considered only if both players request each other.

Such a teammate request must be made in writing, in an email to the sports manager (sports@mooredale.on.ca), and will not be accepted over the phone.

Requests may not be granted for competitive players playing in the house-league.

Requests will not be granted after March 31.