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Sport Volunteer Opportunities

Mooredale Sports are seeking Volunteer Coaches and Convenors for the 2014 Seasons.  Please click on the links below for further information regarding these positions.  If you are interested in volunteering for one of the positions below, please fill out the Volunteer Application and send it to Christopher Keem ckeem@mooredale.on.ca

Volunteer Coach

A positive, enthusiastic attitude and a genuine interest in helping a group of children enjoy an athletic team experience are the only prerequisites for the position.  Mooredale Soccer will provide certification as well as our own in-house training, a coaching guide, equipment and technical staff to assist you in this season.

1) Attend Coaches meetings prior to the start of the season to receive team roster and team information.  Once the roster is received, the coach is expected to communicate with their team members within 48 hours to let their team know which team they have been assigned (team colour and name).  It is also important to ask for other volunteers to help out as assistant coaches or managers to help email the families to relate all MSC info and to know who can and can not make practices games

2) We will be providing soccer jersey's to the coaches. We ask that you wear this at practice and games.

3) Coaches make the commitment to be at the games and assist at the practices.  We have technical staff that will be working with the teams again this year.  If our volunteer coaches feel  confident to lead the session the Technical Staff is quite willing to allow them to run the session.  If the coaches can not make a practice or game please let us know as well as your team so we can try to find a replacement for the day.  

4) It is very important that coaches input their player ratings for ALL players.  Every year we have unbalanced teams and we can rectify that with having player ratings from the previous season.  

5) Don't be afraid to ask questions!  We are more than willing to help out.