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Player Ratings

Ratings apply to all teams starting from U4 and up.  These ratings are in preparation for upcoming competitive team try-outs, indoor programs, and next outdoor season.  These ratings are kept confidential, so please do not worry!

Player ratings are absolutely critical for the creation of equally balanced teams throughout the house league.  

Ratings are due by the 2nd Saturday in September.

How to put the ratings in?


  1. Go to the Mooredale Website - www.mooredale.com/sports/soccer 
  2. Click the link to Player Ratings (this will take you to the Mooredale Scheduler)
  3. To log-on, use your email and password you used when creating your user profile, DO NOT create a new profile.  (please call the office if you need help)
  4. After you are logged in, you may have to confirm your user information
  5. Select the appropriate Season and CONTINUE
  7. From the TEAM drop down menu, select your team
  8. You will see the players on your team with columns for:
    1. Goalkeeper - indicate whether the player wants to play in goal (u7+)
    2. Category Rating - This is how the players on your team are rated compared to the players on the other teams in your division.  For example, if you had a very weak team, the #1 player on your team may actually be rated a 'C' (Average) compared to the other players in the league (a detailed description of the levels A, B, C, D are below)
    3. Rating Within Team - this is how a player is rated, compared to the players on your team (the best player would be rated #1, the second best #2 and so on)
    4. Tier Group - Is this player good enough to be invited to our competitive programs to compete with the best players in the age group? (Yes/No)
  9. After you have entered the ratings, make sure you click on SAVE.  If you have any problems, please contact the Mooredale Soccer and Sport Office and speak to Chris or Federico.  
Category Ratings

A= Excellent (Well above average, outstanding exceptional).  'A' is for players who really stand out, for either great skills in the sport or athleticism.  These players are good all around.  

B= Good (Above average).  Has noticeable qualities, but is not exceptional.  Players here are good at one aspect (either athleticism, work ethic etc, but maybe lacking in overall sport skill or vice versa).  
C= Average.  Not one of the best at one particular aspect of the sport.  But definitely not the worst on your team.
D= Below Average (Poor).  This players skills are very poor.
It is very important that these ratings are taken seriously and are completed honestly.  This is a major issue at the club in all sports and we need to have balanced teams.  This will help tremendously and by taking the 5-10 minutes to do this you will be helping future Mooredale Sports participants and volunteers greatly.   

Please contact the office if you need assistance with entering your player ratings

Chris Keem, Soccer and Sport Manager, ckeem@mooredale.on.ca

Federico Sanmartin, Technical Assistant, fsanmartin@mooredale.on.ca