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Construction Update: Main House and Pool Building - Nov 7th

by Mooredale

Construction Update – Nov 7 2017

Main House - West Foundation

The City funded work on the Main House west foundation wall is proceeding as predicted.  We are about half-way through the project and are now waiting for engineers to review the work and adjust the plan as needed.

Pool Building & Deck

The Pool is now under construction as well, to replace many items over the next few months.  Through capital funding from City Parks, Recreation and Forestry, the pool will receive a new filter, new roof on the original part of the pool building, a new perimeter fence, some concrete deck repairs and some new equipment.  We appreciate this amazing contribution from the city to keep the Mooredale Pool in a state of good repair.  Please bear with us as we have allocated 4 parking spots to workers for the duration of the project.  From time to time there will be truck deliveries as well.  Certain portions of the playground will be protected as a ‘construction zone’ and our children will still have access to most of the playground as part of the preschool day. 

Access to the Program entrances and change rooms located in the Pool Building, will be maintained at all times.  Access to the Coach House Preschool entrance will not be affected.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact mbooth@mooredale.on.ca

As you can imagine, we are all hoping for a mild December so we can make as much progress as possible before winter really sets in.  Thank you for your cooperation during this project.