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Mayfair Ride Vouchers - ON SALE April 23 - May 9

Buy Mayfair Ride Vouchers by Wed May 9th

The LAST DAY to purchase Mayfair Ride Vouchers is WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH. The ride vouchers cost $40 each and they can be used instead of Mayfair tickets to go on the mechanical rides on both Friday night and Saturday.  When you come to Rosedale Park for Mayfair, just bring the voucher to the special Mayfair Ride Bracelet desk at the park entrance and exchange your voucher for a ride bracelet.  Purchase the voucher at SUMMERHILL MARKET or MOOREDALE HOUSE using credit card, debit card, cash or cheques. No vouchers are sold at the Park. 

We hope you will come and enjoy MAYFAIR on Friday, May 11th from 5 to 9 and Saturday, May 12th from 9 to 5 at Rosedale Park. For more information, visit www.mooredale.com.   See you there!