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Three Former Mooredale Soccer Players Reach OPDL Level

Mooredale SC is pleased to announce that three players have made the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL), one of the highest levels of play one can at a young age in Canada.


The three players are, Eva Lavooij, Taja Venturello, and Alexis Argyropoulos.


We caught up with Eva as well as their coach, Graham, and asked them some questions.


How would you describe your experience at Mooredale SC?

Eva: My experience at Mooredale was fun and educational, the moment I started playing with those other girls on the team they immediately made me feel like I was really welcomed onto their team. But my experience wasn’t only fun, the coaches there taught me almost everything I can do soccer wise today, such as ball handling, shooting, and many other skills that are going to carry me forward throughout my whole OPDL experience with new girls, new things to learn, but I know I will never forget the great times I had with Mooredale.


Who is your favourite player?

Eva: I have two favorite players, a male and a female. The male is Robin van Persie who plays for the Holland national men’s team. My favorite female player would probably be Christine Sinclair who plays for the Canadian women’s national soccer team of course.


Who is your favourite team?

Eva: My favorite team is the Holland national team


What does it take to get to the ODPL?

Eva: Well as they say “practice makes perfect” but that’s not all you need, you need to have believe in yourself so that you can have courage, because you need courage to be able to play like yourself, not how you think they want you to play. You just need to try your best and don’t try to impress anyone but yourself.


What are you looking forward to in the OPDL?

Eva: I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things because the coaches seem like they have a lot to offer in this program and I really feel like I can call all of the new people my team mates and that I’m not only going to learn new things I’m going to have new experiences with new people, I think that I’m going to be ok leaving my old team behind to start something new.


What do you want to achieve in soccer?

Eva: I would like to achieve a career in soccer, or at least try hard for the chance to do so, even if I don’t make I want to be able to know that I tried, that it was not a lost cause. I love soccer, I put a lot of time and effort into this sport, so just having the chance to do what I want in life is enough for me.




What impact did they have on your team, on and off the field?

Graham: Our team was always community based so anytime a significant number of girls leave it is impactful. These girls are all legitimate top end players who were well liked by all the girls both on the field and away from the pitch.

They will be missed in terms of their contributions and familiarity.

At the same time we all wish them well and have encouraged them to pursue the sport at the highest levels commensurate with their capability. The OPDL program provides them with this opportunity.



Were there any attributes the girls had in common with one another? If so, do you think it played a big part in their success?

Graham: All the girls are good athletes first and foremost. That soccer was their first choice sport played a big part in their development. Clearly they were the ones who wanted soccer more than other activities. Their development mirrored that commitment. Doesn't always work that way but in these three cases it clearly did.


Where do you see their future in the game of soccer?

Graham: The girls and their families are clearly well positioned at the moment to have a long run at the highest attainable levels of the sport. Who is to say what will come.


Barring injuries, competing interests, etc. all three should be able to vie for provincial (and higher) consideration. They are all that good.


Would you like to say anything else about the girls?    

Graham: As a group we have always supported the OPDL program. I believe we have another 4 or 5 girls who should consider this program for 2017.

It our belief that regardless of the impact to the local club, this path to excellence should be embraced and promoted. We genuinely wish all the girls and their families all the best.



Mooredale SC seconds that and we wish Eva, Taja, and Alexis luck and the best in their soccer and personal careers!