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Happening In Your Neighbourhood: Syrian Refugee Relief Concert

by Mooredale

Happening In Your Neighbourhood:  Syrian Refugee Relief Concert on Sunday November 8 @ 3 pm, hosted by Rosedale United Church

Mooredale members may be interested in the following announcement from Rosedale United Church:

Thank you to the many members of the community who have responded to the invitation of Rosedale United Church to work in partnership with us in sponsoring as refugees some of the many thousands of families and individuals fleeing war in Syria.  We may end up with as many as 15 sponsorships through this initiative, offering a hopeful path for perhaps 60-70 people.  Your compassionate response is a blessing. 

In connection with this, there are two events this Sunday (Nov 8) that may be of interest.  Both make the connection between war, as we honour Remembrance, the burden of displacement, and the hope offered through hospitality and compassion.  On Sunday afternoon we will host a concert ('5,000 Miles') featuring many prominent artists - hosting by Veronica Tenant, music by David Warrack, Liona Boyd, Sylvia Tyson, Teresa Tova, Bri-anne Swan, and many others.  Some of these singers will also be part of our Sunday morning service at 10:30 am, in a message called 'This Sound is Not the Fury'.   Hope and hospitality as a further voice when the sounds of wars exhaust us.  We hope you will join us at one of both of these gatherings.  Tickets for the concert available online or at the door (25.00/35.00)