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Outdoor Lacrosse, Soccer, and Softball Starts Soon

by Christopher Keem

Before you know it we will be outside of all the gyms and bubbles we have been using for our indoor sporting programs and Outdoor Sports will begin.  Don't miss your chance now to be a part of our Outdoor Box Lacrosse House League, Outdoor Soccer House League, or Softball leagues.  Lacrosse will be at Rosedale Park Rink and Soccer is also at Rosedale Park.  Softball is all at Whitney Public School.  It is all in our neighborhood, so be a part of the fun now!  

Soccer is for Ages 4-Adult with our Men's and Women's Recreational league.  

Competitive Soccer Team try-outs are ongoing, if you are looking for a try-out contact Chris  or call x115.  Our programs for the competitive players start with u6 to U21 and we also now have a competitive Men's team.  

For more information, go to the sports page or contact Chris.