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Mooredale Talks - Cam Collyer on Oct 2 @ 7:30

by Mooredale Programs



We are welcoming all our friends and neighbours to join Mooredale in welcoming Cam Collyer, Program Director at Evergreen, for our very first Mooredale Talk on Thursday October 2nd.  You can reserve your seat by calling the Mooredale office today at 416-922-3714 x100.  Cam will lead the discussion by asking the question, 'How can we create outdoor play spaces that are nurturing for children and good for their community?'

 This evening is dedicated to discussing all that we as a community can do to ensure that our children embrace the power of nature.  There is much that we as parents, grandparents and a community as a whole can do to solidify their relationship with the great outdoors.

Here is a full outline of the evening's presentation:

Where do our kids play today? The same places as their parents did as children? Do they roam freely? Are you worried about the trends?

Childhood is swiftly and alarmingly moving indoors, supervised, sedentary and with a strong dose of screen time – it's an international phenomena and a cause of great concern to the health, education and planning fields. Research is revealing the wide range of benefits from regular outdoor time in the natural world including increasing physical activity, pro-social behaviour and the motivation to learn and even mitigating attention disorders. Come and hear some inspired examples of  what communities, parents and schools are doing in response, to create places and programs that are nurturing for children and good for their communities.

Join Cam Collyer and Mooredale on October 2nd for an evening dedicated to discussing all we can do to ensure our children embrace the power of nature and all that we can accomplish as parents, grandparents and a community to solidify their relationship with the great outdoors. 


See you on the 2nd!