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Outdoor Hockey Weekly Wrap Up


Week 5 of the Regular Season [ Feb 12]

One more week of the Mooredale Outdoor Hockey program is in the books, and it feels like this season flying by!  Our Monday groups had the night off, so our U9 game was the first bit of hockey action for the week.  The Bruins were victorious over a depleted Canadiens team that was missing some players.

Below: U9 game action under the setting sun on February 7th.


Following the game, our U14s took to the ice for some practice and preparations for their Thursday games.  With all the teams now having a few weeks' worth of games and practice under their belts, we're starting to see the chemistry building between the players.

Above: U14 practice action on February 7th.

Moving into Thursday, the U11s showed up ready to compete!  The U11 Canadiens swept the competition, getting victories over both the Leafs and Bruins.

Below: U11 game action from February 8th.


Thursday was a chilly affair, with the temperature dropping, but the U14s brought the heat for their games!  The U14 Canadiens took advantage of the Bruins' short bench in the first game, but were beaten by a strong Maple Leafs squad in their second game.

Below: February 8 game action in the U14 division.



There's only two weeks left in the regular season...!