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Outdoor Hockey Weekly Wrap Up


Week 4 of the Regular Season [Feb 5]

Another fun week of Mooredale Hockey is in the books!  With the unpredictable Canadian weather finally cooperating for all of the session - all our skaters got a chance to get onto the ice and practice their skills.

Our Intro to Hockey session, U9 practice, and U11 practices on Monday were a snowy affair at the Rosedale rink, with the snow falling throughout the evening.  Between the cold temperatures, falling snow, and of course the hockey, it felt like a quintessential hockey night in Canada.

Below: (left) our Intro to Hockey players cope with the falling snow. (centre & right) U11 Bruins practice. 


Wednesday brought the weekly battle between our U9 Bruins and Canadiens, with the Canadiens grabbing their first victory of the season!  Following the game, our U14 players got a chance to work on their skill development with Coach Carl.  With lower numbers at these sessions, our players got plenty of time with the puck to practice their stick-handling.

Below: U9 Bruins take on the U9 Canadiens on January 31 


Spectators were treated to an evening filled with end-to-end action, tons of goals, and some awesome plays on Thursday night, when our U11s and U14s battled it out.

We're hoping the cooler weather sticks around in the city for a bit longer, so the ice stays in great condition, and we're very much looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks of practices and games have in store for us.

Above & below: U11 game action on February 1


Below: U14 game action on February 1