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Outdoor Hockey Weekly Wrap Up


Week 1 of the Regular Season [Jan 12]

The week of January 8th was our first taste of the regular season, and also the first sessions of the new year.  Our teams enjoyed their time with the technical coaches at their practices, where the sessions were focused on improving players' skating abilities, with special attention being put on mastering sharp turns.  The technical staff introduced a bit of stickhandling as well, and our older age groups (U11 & U14) worked for a bit longer on their stickhandling, with a bit of shooting practice added in.

The U9 Bruins and Canadiens faced off in the first official game of the 2017-18 Mooredale Outdoor Hockey season on Wednesday, January 10th.  The Bruins came away with a victory in the first of the season series.

Unfortunately mild temperatures and continuous rain did not allow our Thursday games for the U11 and U14 age groups to take place.  We're looking forward to the kick-off of the regular season next week!

See you all at the rink!

     U9 hockey game action 1          u9 hockey game action 2 

Above - U9 game action from January 10th! 

U14 practice 1
Above & below - players from the U14 Bruins team work on their skating skills at their weekly practice on January 10th! 
U14 practice 1