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Concussion Resources

Concussions are considered the "invisible" injury, since they do not show up on medical imaging tests such as x-rays or CT scans. But they are also considered "invisible" because their effects are often misunderstood. The following resources are designed to help physicians, coaches, parents, and athletes understand and navigate the sometimes difficult process of recovery from concussions.

Think First Canada: www.thinkfirst.ca

Heads Up on Concussion (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): www.cdc.gov/Concussions/

General Information about Concussions:

Consensus Statement on Concussions in Sport - 2013

Concussion Guidelines and Returning to Play:

Concussion Guidelines for Coaches (Click here for French Version)
Concussion Guidelines for Parents (Click here for French Version)
Concussion Guidelines for Athletes (Click here for French Version)
Concussion Guidelines for Teachers (Click here for French Version)

Return to Play Guidelines (Click here for French Version) 

Research Publications:

Sport Concussion Education and Prevention, Tator, C. H. (2012), Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 6, 293-301

Other Concussion Resources:

Sport Concussion Library 
First 24-48 Hours Following Concussions
FAQs - Parachute Canada
Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
Child SCAT3 (5-12 years)

SCAT3 (over 12 years) 


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