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Big Blue Tarp Blog

Introducing the Big Blue Tarp [Dec 22.2016]

by Mooredale Day Camp

Introducing our new blog:  the Big Blue Tarp (a.k.a. the blog formerly known as Chat 'n Chew).

We'll be using the Big Blue Tarp blog to build our community by using  a variety of posts:

1) Announcements - when something new and exciting is worthy of sharing with our fans and clients, the BBT will let you know first

2) Community Happenings - there are often events and activities happening in the GRA (Greater Rosedale Area) that you, or others you know, may be interested in so BBT will pass those on 

3) Camp Life - especially during the summer and the months leading up to it, BBT will be the place to find relevant information about all things camp

Why Big Blue Tarp?

Well, we wanted a name that was unique to Mooredale, and if you've been to Mooredale for any amount of time in the past few years, you know exactly what the big blue tarp is.  Other camps may occasionally use tarp like objects, but it's everywhere around MDC, even when you don't realize it.  Don't believe us?  Take a look:

BBT enjoys getting messy...


Needless to say, BBT loves selfies... 


BBT is very humble and doesn't mind staying in the background so you can focus on the cute camper...


BBT is basically a superhero - keeping our shorts protected from the evil morning dew...


BBT enjoys camp skits and feels an acting career is possible after retiring from camp...


Of course, on the hottest days, all you need is a little soap, water and BBT to keep things cool...

 So there you have it - we're launching Big Blue Tarp and we look forward to starting this journey with you!

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