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Santa Is Bringing Our Campers A Big New Game! [Dec 22.2016]

Santa is coming, and he's bringing a special gift for the girls and boys at Mooredale Day Camp next summer.

Introducing our new Gaga ball activity!  This quick-moving, low-impact game is suitable for all ages and sizes.

Don't know how to play?  It's a simple game - think of a hybrid between tag and dodge ball.  The object of the game is avoid being touched by the ball.  Playing inside a 24-foot wide circular 'pit' with 3 foot walls, there are three simple rules:

  1. Your hands are the only part of you body that can touch the ball - anywhere else, and you're out
  2. If you grab or hold the ball, you are out
  3. If you hit the ball over the wall, you are out

Last one standing, wins!  And then everyone gets back in the pit and starts again...

We love Gaga ball as a camp activity because:

A)  It's fast moving.  Each game usually lasts between 1 and 4 minutes, so there is a very minimal amount of 'watching on the sidelines' for everyone involved
B)  Campers of different ages and physical abilities can play together.  Because the bouncing ball can be so unpredicable and different active or passive strategies can be employed, a camper could easily win one game, and be the first 'out' the next.  With games happening so quickly, many campers get a chance to 'win' over a short amount of time
C)  It helps campers develop physical literacy: including agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, quickness and more.

We're looking forward to introducing our new activity on July 3rd.  To register today for Mooredale Day Camp, click here!