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Imagination Emporium day at Mooredale!

Today was quite a special day as it revolved around the theme "imagination"! Campers and staff came to camp in their wackiest of costumes. It was great! In the morning the junior campers made pet rocks, pasta necklaces, and worked on their camp books! Our inter campers played parachute games, made lego creations, and conquered various obstacle courses! Our tennis campers played noodle ball and went to cooking in the morning, and our seniors went to Centreville for the day! For lunch we ate fish, peas, and rice. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to be payed a visit from one of Toronto's finest magicians! Fun fact: he has been featured on YTV! He entertained the camp for the majority of the afternoon with many original tricks and illusions - one even included a bunny! Our campers were lucky enough to each get a chance to meet and pet the bunny after the show! It was quite a magical day here at Mooredale.