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Big Blue Tarp Blog

Myths and Legends Day!

Today at Mooredale we had a myths & legends theme day! We were so pleasantly surprised by the amount of enthusiasm that our campers and staff brought into their costumes. Everybody was so creative! Among the most popular costumes were knights, princesses, superheros, togas, dragons, robots, and more! Our juniors began the morning trick or treating for candy around camp in their costumes...yum! Our inter boys played dancing games and made marshmallow structures with toothpicks, while our inter girls made bracelets and necklaces with beads and played capture the flag. Our tennis stream campers made candy apples at cooking, and our senior campers went on a field trip to Harbourfront where they went on a long sailboat cruise! They were even able to help sail the boat! For lunch we ate lemon fish with a miso sauce, brown rice, and peas. For dessert we ate apples. In the afternoon our juniors, intermediates, and tennis stream campers watched a play on the back lawn provided by Big Kid Entertainment - they then participated in a fun and educational drama workshop for the remainder of the afternoon. There were lots of laughs involved!