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Competitive Program Overview

The Mooredale Soccer Club is committed to providing a range of opportunities for all players to compete and develop their skills to their maximum potential.  There are two competitive streams beyond the recreational (House League) program to facilitate this development:

Rep Program

The rep program provides a more dedicated learning environment for players with the commitment and talent to pursue the sport at a higher level. Committing to the rep program will give your child the opportunity to develop into an elite soccer player and will foster a love of the game that will stay with him/her for life. Players playing on Rep teams are not required to register in the House League program (but are eligible to register to play in the Mooredale S.C. House League program), but are required to have a current membership with the Rosedale Moore Park Association.

The rep Mini-Soccer Program runs from U8-U10 (subject to Mooredale being able to provide adequate resources to support the team). Teams play 7-a-side soccer on mini-soccer pitches at tournaments and in the Toronto Soccer Association's district leagues (YDSL).

The rep program runs from U11-U15. Players play 11-a-side soccer on full-size pitches at tournaments and in District, Regional and Provincial leagues. From U12 onwards these leagues form part of the Ontario Soccer Association's pyramid of play. There are numerous leagues at these ages that offer playing opportunities at a wide range of levels. At U14 the most successful teams can be promoted to the provincial league the Ontario Youth Soccer League (OYSL), but club teams also play in the Central Soccer Leagues (CSL) for boys and Central Girls Soccer Leauge (CGSL) for girls and the local district league, the Toronto District Youth Soccer League (TDYSL).   Mooredale will run teams in these age divisions within its sole discretion.

Commitment by the player over the entire summer is crucial to the rep team's success, as the league play continues through the summer. Players are only allowed a certain number of weeks vacation to be determined  by the league schedule and the team coach, in consultation with the Mooredale S.C.  

Rep Development Program (RDP)

Program is for our best u8 and u9 Players (in 2013 - progressing to u8 through u12 by 2016).  Program will run Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. 

u8 Program will play in the TSA Festivals and train two times per week during the outdoor portion.  Indoor will see them train two times per week plus play futsal. 

u9 Program will play in the TSA league and will train two times per week with a weekly match.  Indoor will be the same as the u8 program. 

All-Star Program (Select)

The All-Star program (also refereed to as "select" soccer) provides the player an opportunity to play at a level higher than the recreational House League and develop more technical and tactical ability, by attending extra practices and competing in All-Star tournaments in the Spring and Fall.  Players playing on these All-Star teams continue to play in the Mooredale House League, as the participation in the recreational program (by All-Star players) is required in accordance with the Published Rules of The Ontario Soccer Association.

All-Star Teams only play in tournaments and therefore summer commitment can be more flexible. If you want to play more competitive soccer but have extended family vacations or like to go away to camp for four weeks, the All-Star program is for you.  The formation of All-Star teams will be at the discretion of the Mooredale S.C., based on Club philosophy, player development, available resources, and player interest. 


Provincial OYSL - '00 Boys 

CGSL - '99 Girls, '02 Girls

TDYSL - '02 Boys, '03 Boys, '03 Girls

Academy TDYSL - '04 Boys, '04 Girls, '05 Boys, '05 Girls, '06 Boys, '06 Girls, '07 Boys, '07 Girls, '08 Boys, '08 Girls

Select (Tournament Teams) - '99 Girls, '01 Boys, '01 Girls, '02 Boys, '02 Girls, '03 Boys, '03 Girls

Select (Festival Teams) - '04 Boys, '04 Girls, '05 Boys, '05 Girls, '06 Boys, '06 Girls, '07 Boys, '07 Girls, '08 Boys, '08 Girls